Where I Stand

Revising Quality of Life for the 3rd District

The 3rd District is the greatest district in the City of Richmond. We are a district that is strong and proud of the heritage that comes with it. It is our community organizations and leaders that vigorously protect the character of our neighborhoods. As a councilman, I will bring innovative and renewed ideas to protect and promote the livability of our neighborhoods. I will fight for the small businesses that line our sidewalks, protect the progress of our parks and constantly work to level the playing field for affordable housing.

Investing in the 3rd District’s Future

Investing in the 3rd District future means believing in what this district can be and turning that potential into reality. Investment in the infrastructure will enable the communities in the 3rd District, and the City of Richmond, to prepare for the challenges of the 21st century. The 3rd District needs a member of City Council that will stand for innovative values that make our communities strong.

Our neighborhoods must continue to be the city’s voice by supporting education, fighting hunger and poverty, building businesses and continuing to prepare for the 21st century. I chose to run for City Council because I recognize the critical importance of the issues surrounding this district and, in City Hall I will fight for every issue and they will serve as my guidance in the City Council.


Supporting Public Safety

Public safety will always be an issue as long as the officer to citizen ratio is unbalanced. The 3rd District needs a council member that will advocate for safer communities, from the top to the bottom of the district. As the next City Councilman I will fight for more community policing and more patrolling in higher crime areas. I will work with the Police Chief to brainstorm ideas to help every community in this district feel safer. I will work with community leaders to find solutions to recurring problems that no one else seems to care about. I will support any innovative idea to make our public safety workers such as Police, Firefighters and EMS more prepared to protect the citizens of the City of Richmond.



Starting Salaries

We want to work with recruiting and position offers to make sure we are giving our public safety workers competitive wages across the board. Providing competitive wages for our public safety workers will facilitate the City of Richmond operating at a more efficient rate.

Richmond Police Department: $41,000-$50,000

Henrico County Police Department: $43,893

Chesterfield County Police Department: $42,000

Petersburg Police: $38,418

Richmond Fire Department: $36,500

Henrico County Fire Department: $39,105

Chesterfield County Fire Department: $42,000

Petersburg Fire Department: $30,949

Richmond EMS: $11.35/16.00 Hr.

Henrico EMS: N/A

Chesterfield EMS: $18.94 Hr.

Petersburg EMS: $15.84 Hr.

Supporting Public Education

Since the 1990s I have been fighting for Richmond Public Schools, as I marched side by side with my classmates at Thomas Jefferson High School to city hall to fight for our school. Years later, I am working for Richmond Public Schools and working with my coworkers for a better working environment.

We must treat education in our city budget as a human right. Access to public education in the 3rd District is nearing a crisis point, as we are running out of seats to meet our demand of the overcrowded classrooms. We must go above and beyond to provide teachers and parents with the best classroom options for our children. I believe education is a science and we have to keep searching for new and innovative methods to be more effective. As the next city councilman, I will work with school board members to reexamine the current curriculum for Richmond Public Schools to ensure we are equipping our students with the skills needed for jobs of the 21st century and beyond.

“Education is the foundation of a successful community”- Dorian Daniels

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Maintaining Our Parks

The 3rd District deserves a well-kept parks system to be preserved and expanded for generations. Battery Park, Pine Camp, Calhoun Community Center and Hotchkiss share an equal part of our heritage and our future in the 3rd District. As the next City Councilman, I will be a leader for parks funding as their maintenance and expansion is vital to our communities. Our parks are our refuge and I plan to constantly improve them.




As I launch my 2016 campaign for Richmond City Council, I need your support so we can continue to add to the vision and the history that makes the 3rd District great.


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